Episode Choose Your Story FREE Gems Hack

Episode Free Gems Hack – change the way you play your game!

Are you a fan of Episode: Choose Your Story? Then this fool proof method to get free gems on episode is something that will interest you. If you have ever been stuck at a juncture in Episode where you very much want to make a decision but cannot, simply because you do not have enough gems, you would know the struggle! Fear not, for this Episode free gems generator comes to solve your problem.

Who is this free gems for episode generator tool for?

Are you a beginner? Then learning how to get gems on episode would be a crucial first step in the game. This would give you access to endless resources, which can let you explore the many directions in which the game can proceed. Finding how to get more gems on episode for free is easier than you think.

Are you an avid player of Episode? Then this episode hack free gems generator is going to change the way you look at the game. All those chapters that you loved will feel more alive and customizable with this episode gems tool. You would be able to entirely alter the looks of your character and also take every decision that leads to the most exciting dimension in the story.

Are you someone who feels stuck in Episode with the inability to make decisions you like? These free gems on episode can give you that competitive edge in the game to help you continue playing without any hurdles. You would be able to make all the choices that you like without worrying about exhausting your gem reserve. You would, therefore, be able to play this game for hours without feeling bored.

So, this episode how to get free gems hack is for beginners, the experienced players, as well as those who are planning to give up on the game due to lack of resources.

If you do not fit in any of these categories, if you are simply an onlooker looking for a new game that will let you pass time, then this episode choose your story hack gems tool allows you to break all boundaries and try out this cool game.

Practically, anyone who plays this game can benefit from this free episode gems tool. You do not have to alter your phone settings. You do not have to be an expert in using technology or an expert in coding. Anyone who knows how to play the game and how to use the browser can make use of this gem generator tool without any difficulty. It is one of the simplest ways to create an extra stash of free gems in Episode.

How do you get gems on episode by default?

When you complete one chapter in Episode, the game awards you with one gem, there are also ads and other possibilities that you can explore to get episode gems and passes. All of these methods are free, but they all take time. The number of gems you earn will be limited; however, if you look at the choices inside the game, some require 10 or more gems at one go. There might be several such choices that cost gems inside each chapter. Therefore the default methods of earning free gems for episode iphone and Android versions are not the best options you have.

When you play episode, how to get gems faster? For this, the other straightforward way is to spend money. The game lets you purchase gems for cash. Players who do not know how to get free gems on episode end up spending a huge sum of money to buy gems. As you keep playing story after story, each of them requires access to a huge gem reserve. Therefore, in the end, you spend more money than you intended.

So, how to get unlimited gems on episode without spending money but without having to wait for hours? The one trick that tells you how to get free gems on episode iphone or Android phones is this gems generator tool.

How do you get gems in episode with this tool?

All you need before you learn how to get gems in episode for free is to have a reliable browser and a good internet connection. You do not have to worry about running low on storage space as this tool doesn’t ask you to install any file. This is not like episode mod apk unlimited gems and passes cheat. You can directly use the tool from the browser without downloading any app. Here are the steps to make the most of these pocket gems episode cheats.

  • Head on to the episode, choose your story free gems generator page by clicking the link above
  • Enter the game username. Make sure that you enter the username right, as this is the only information you share to let the tool identify your game account. Entering the wrong username will direct your episode unlimited passes and gems to a different account.
  • Once you enter the username, click on the blank that lets you choose how many gems you want for your game.
  • Click generate and then wait for the tool to do its work.
  • You would see a window that shows what is happening in the background right from pulling out the game account to the process of verification.
  • You would then complete the short and quick verification step.

After this, refresh your game and wait for a few minutes. You would then find the free gems added to your account. You can continue playing with your game without any change.

How is this episode unlimited free gems hack different from other hacks?

Learning how to get free passes and gems on episode is easy. You would find endless options like episode unlimited passes and gems apk, for example. With this, the problem is that you have to download a file. You do not always know whether the apk file is genuine. So, you risk giving way to malware on your phone. You should have enough space to download the file and install it. To avoid all these complications, this free gems episode tool lets you work directly from your browser. Unlike episode apk unlimited passes and gems from this tool come without any risk of downloading files that can harm your computer or smartphone.

You would also come across several free gems, no survey episode cheats. However, there would be other ways in which the tool asks you to verify your account. This can sometimes be a tedious process. We keep it fully transparent when we tell you how to get free gems in episode ios and Android. You would learn about the exact steps to follow to earn the gems, and we tell you about the many ways to complete the verification process. You then get to choose how you wish to proceed, knowing fully what you are doing. We are not going to lure you with free gems, no survey or activation code episode cheat promises.

There is an upper limit that we place on the gems generated. This is one little detail that several tools miss out. What happens then is that the game server identifies the unreasonable increase in gem count and then monitors the account for malicious activities. Bot generated gems which add infinite reserves in your game account end up putting your game account at risk. This is when your game account gets blocked. So, how do you earn gems on episode without getting your game account blocked? The simple answer is to use this tool to generate a large number of gems, with the upper cap placed smartly to avoid risks.

Another serious issue with choosing episode gems and passes hack, which comes as an apk, is that you download a modified version of the game. This is where you play the game from a different app. Therefore there are the chances of losing your game progress. There is also the problem of missing out on all the game features and updates. How do you get more gems on episode without losing your game progress and even while getting regular updates from the game? Use this Episode Choose Your Story gems generator for instant results. You can choose how many gems you like and then pick your game from where you left. Your account is safe, and so is your game progress. You would only find one difference in your game, and that is the access to an increased number of gems.

Without complicating things with episode choose your story unlimited passes and gems apk download and without false assumptions on how to get gems on episode for free, we simplify the whole process for you. If the question “how do i get free gems on episode without waiting forever” has been haunting you, this tool can be the solution you might be looking for.

Final Thoughts

So what are you waiting for? Now that you know how to get free gems in episode, head on to the gem generation section and enjoy all the perks that these free gems bring you in the game.